Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Footy Campin'

Some people from my footy team organized a camping trip last weekend. Although I love camping, it's not the same going without my family. I wasn't as well equipped as they are. Once we got up the mountain I realized that I forgot a pad to sleep on and a pillow. Yea. Sleeping on the jagged rocks didn't make the for the best sleep..but it was still fun! It was freezing too. Who knew it would be cold in Arizona?

This picture took forever to get.

See, Arizona can be pretty!

This pic makes me laugh. There's my coach in the background.
Coach Donger choppin' some wood for us.
The tent we set up by ourselves!
(Thx for letting us borrow it Kirk & Whit!)

Me and Rebecca

They made fun of me for putting on a lil' makeup.

That's Karla in the background. I love her.
She's the coach's wife.

We went on a drive and found a Tee-Pee!

I got into a water fight!
This is me shaking off the water. It was so cold!

Trying to dry off by the fire.

We bought marshmallows the size of a fist!
They were amazing!

We really liked them, if you can't tell.

Awfully messy though!


May Family said...

I always put a little makeup on too.. but I usually hide in the tent while I do it... however I must say you still look a little too cute for camping.