Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Out of Service...

My computer is currently broken. It's like torture really, having a broken computer. I guess I never realized how much time I spent on it. I guess I can use my time doing something constructive like...getting my high score back on Pac Man.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Home for Christmas

Sorry this is a bit late!

I was able to go home for Christmas for a week and 2 days! I was very excited to take time off work and spend tons of time with my family. Moving to Arizona has been a blast, but I do miss my family a lot. I wish they would just move here!!!!

I couldn't believe how much snow there was in Vancouver. It rarely snows...and if it does, it never sticks for very long. I was happier to see the snow then rain. I don't have the proper clothes for snow anymore. I'm getting spoiled in AZ with the great weather. It's so fun to see my little brothers grow up into teenagers, but they'll always be "the little boys" to me (even if they are both bigger then me)!

I didn't take too many pictures...but here's what I have!

- I love Christmas trees!

- My mom asked if I was embarrassed to go in public with him looking like that.

- Tanner really wants an easy-bake oven. I'm not even kidding. He's wanted one for years.
- Snow @ my house.
- Cool icicles. I was too cold to get a better picture.

- My cute Grandparents in their coordinating red outfits.
- Brody is old now.

- I love Brody.

- We're all hair.
- Tanner was imitating all the animals in the baby book. Yes, a macaw was really in that book.

- My Aunt Dru's baby, Samantha. She loved Nick!
- Apparently no one in my family makes normal faces.
- I bought Mrs. Pac- Man. Best Purchase ever. I currently hold the high score.

- Tryin' to beat my high score.

- Tanner is a freak.
My family are probably some of the most entertaining people I know. I love going home. I miss them so much. Come visit me fam!!