Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Footy Campin'

Some people from my footy team organized a camping trip last weekend. Although I love camping, it's not the same going without my family. I wasn't as well equipped as they are. Once we got up the mountain I realized that I forgot a pad to sleep on and a pillow. Yea. Sleeping on the jagged rocks didn't make the for the best sleep..but it was still fun! It was freezing too. Who knew it would be cold in Arizona?

This picture took forever to get.

See, Arizona can be pretty!

This pic makes me laugh. There's my coach in the background.
Coach Donger choppin' some wood for us.
The tent we set up by ourselves!
(Thx for letting us borrow it Kirk & Whit!)

Me and Rebecca

They made fun of me for putting on a lil' makeup.

That's Karla in the background. I love her.
She's the coach's wife.

We went on a drive and found a Tee-Pee!

I got into a water fight!
This is me shaking off the water. It was so cold!

Trying to dry off by the fire.

We bought marshmallows the size of a fist!
They were amazing!

We really liked them, if you can't tell.

Awfully messy though!

Mom's Blog

Here is the link to my Mom's blog.

It's still a work in progress, but take a look!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


This is my favorite show. Ever.

So glad it's back on!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Home again, home again jiggity jig!

As previously mentioned....May was my month of travels. After Atlanda and San Diego, I went home for Memorial Day weekend to go camping with my family!

I miss my family so much. They honestly are my favorite people in this entire world.

I was able to get together with some old friends for a few hours the night before we left. It was good to see them. I don't get home much so it's nice to see some familiar faces. So much has changed since high school, it's interesting to see who is still around.

Rebecca, Alicia, Me and Rebecca's Baby Audrey.

Me and Shane.

Audrey, Rebecca, Me, Alicia and Michelle.

Friends Forever.

The drive up to camping was...interesting. Tanner has decided he likes country music, so I was stuck listening to that the whole way up!

Beautiful Mt. Hood sweet outfit. Everyone was embarrassed by me, but it wasn't worse then Tanners!


Me and my dad.

Brody...and Heather in the background.

Me & Brody
Me & Tanner aka Chip
Me & Ty.
We had fun with the guns.
Dad and Brody goin for a ride.
My mom's dog loved the Quads...and this is a picture of my manly dad giving the dog a ride.
Then my camera that's all the pictures I could get. I love my family!

Stay Classy San Diego

Well, I'm not very swift on updating my blog lately- but here's what's been going on.

May was my month of travels! First Atlanta and then we went to San Diego/La Jolla.

It's always bittersweet when I go to California. I always have the time of my life there, but always get depressed when I have to leave. Mark my words...I will move there someday.

My favorite part about road trips are the random stops along the way. We stopped in Dateland and purchased these awesome headbands.
If you've ever seen the movie Semi-Pro....haha.
Our view from our hotel! Beautiful.

Our first night there we got ready really fast so we could go get some food! We drove around La Jolla cove for a while and found a place called Jose's. It was so fun and they played fun 80's music.
I was weirdly obsessed with this mirror.
The whole purpose of going to San Diego was to watch the Men's Footy tournament. The guys are so fun to watch. A bunch of our players got really beat up- broken ribs and collar bones, etc. The guys get's awesome.
After we watched the boys footy games we headed of to the beach. I LOVE the beach!
Rebecca, me and Sophia.
We just wanted a picture with our feet in the water....then a tsunami wave decided to sneak up on us. Brrr.
Again with the mirror...
This was our second night out and we met up with the men's footy team and hung out with them.
Our last day we decided to go kayaking. Such a great decision.
Me & Sophia.
Before Kayaking!
We went through these caves. It was awesome.

Side note: When kayaking, make sure you have a partner who knows their right from left and can actually paddle or else you will go in circles and bump into everyone else and run into cave walls. Next time, I will be kayaking alone.
Were those helmets really necessary?
I loved kayaking so much.

Not sure if you can see this but there are some seals on that rock that are gettin' busy. It was kind of awkward....but I couldn't help but snap a pic!

On the drive home we were getting pretty sleepy so we decided to get off track and find a Wal-Mart or something so we could buy Queen's greatest hits to sing and keep us awake. The navigation took us about 10 miles off the freeway...we were 15 miles from Mexico when we finally found the Wal-Mart. We purchased the greatest cd of all time and stopped to try on these beautiful outfits.

We both fit into one!

I love traveling and I love it even more when you have good company.