Monday, September 29, 2008

I broke down...

Well, the time has come. I conformed. I gave into the peer pressure. I have a blog.

I finally did this for two reasons:
1) my mom told me to
2) so I can make comments on other people's blogs.

Don't come here looking for frequent updates. Just be happy I have a blog!


::Quick Mini Update::

I graduated from BYU-Idaho in December 2007.
I live in Arizona now, I moved here in the very beginning March. I work at the University of Phoenix as an Academic Counselor. I live with my cousin, Cassie. I love the weather here, but not the scenery. I miss my family in Washington, but I like getting to know the family I have here.
I still drive the same car as I did in high school.
I still have big, curly blonde hair.
I still laugh loud and a lot.

So, enjoy my blog. I am looking forward to become a blog stalker like everyone else I know!