Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Party!

I love parties! So Cassie and I decided to host a Christmas party at our apartment. We invited our several cousins who live here and also a couple of our friends.

Here are a few pictures from our joyous celebration!
- I was excited!

-Our theme was Silver, White and Teal.

- Parting gifts.

- Food!

- Dessert table! :)

- The hostesses! We bought sparkling shirts to match our decor.

- White elephant gifts. Boy, were there some interesting presents!

- Whitney and Kirk's presents are my favorite.

- More fun presents!

- Bryant with the dog poop art book. Valerie now has that book displayed at work on her desk. Nasty.

- Cameron with his new, sweet pirate gear!

- Shelby lookin' fly!

- Cassie and I playing Pictionary.
Check out our big pad of paper. We are official party-pictionary-players!

- Team "losers"...they tried to blame it on the fact they couldn't see the board. psh. Sore losers.

- The winners. We were amazing.
- Shelley and Kirk into the game.
I hope everyone had as much fun as I did! I love getting together with all my cousins. It's so fun that we all live here. We need to have more parties just for fun!


May Family said...

Looks like a very fun/cute party. The dessert table is my favorite! SUPER CUTE!